Wed. May 07, 2008 10 good reasons, and that's not all.
Already Wednesday, still feeling like Monday. That's the story for this first week of May. The spring-time buzz has emerged, and the days just seem different for some reason. Ya know, year after year this cycle of the seasons is a true marvel.
Today I give you a list of 10 great things to look forward to at the 10th Annual Pickathon:

1. The first Bad Livers show in over 8 years.
2. Late Night Galaxy Barn mayham, the Friday Night Squaredance, the Late-Night Cabaret, Workshops in the Gallery Barn, lazy afternoons at the Woods Stage, and all the remaining hours spent under floating fabrics in the sky, listening to the day go by.
3. Our super friendly gang of volunteers and staff.
4. The secret of Oregon sunshine.
5. The smell of veggie oil exhaust and the elegance of fresh and clean Honey Buckets.
6. The Pendarvis Family, their Farm, their horses, and Freckles the dog.
7. The Beer Garden.
8. The Captain Bogg and Salty show....kids!
9. Oregon woods camping and hiking.
10.And...just look at that lineup!

These are only a few of the favorites that I have rolling around in the memory bank. Seriously though, it's a good time. Please do keep an eye out for progressing details in the worlds of schedules, sustainability, vendors, and everything else that is working itself out behind the scenes. .....heck, we may even give away a ticket or two.

oh, and sorry - no video or photos today, just regular old text..
o.k., until next time.



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