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     Fri. Mar 27, 2009
Born on the Bayou
By Pickathon   The Lost Bayou Ramblers are easiest described as being a Cajun band. From the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette, LA. Having never been to Louisiana, I cannot tell you much about the who and what around those parts. All I can really say is that the music is fantastic and the subculture surrounding it is fascinating. Grammy nominated, internationally lauded, and I imagine good company to have around. Well, that's about I am good for today, was certainly overdue... as these days get warmer and longer they sure do fill up fast. All in all, we are pleased with the way things are shaping up, and can already see that this will be the best year for the festival thus far.

Oh, and the video... check out this performance at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette La. in the heart of it all.


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