Tue. Aug 11, 2009 One BIG Lost-and-Found post...
By Pickathon  
It's been a week since Pickathon and we are just now crawling out of the post-Pick aftermath. Got some rest, relived much of the weekend over again in my head, got more rest...
We now have the greatest lost and found blog of all time with today's post going out to everyone out there in Pickathon land that has either:
A. Lost Something.
B. Found Something.
What we hope is that folks will be able to connect with all the lost or forgotten keys, chairs, shoes, water bottles, I.D.'s, sun glasses, eye glasses, bags, pouches, necklaces, instruments, etc..etc.. There is a great number of these things inventoried and tucked away out at Pendarvis Farm. However, they will not be able to live at Pendarvis Farm forever, so getting this party started now would be the way to go. Sherry Pendarvis loves the idea of a successful Lost and Found, and would just love to hear from you...

We can do this two different ways:
1. Use the comments below to post items that were lost, forgotten, etc..
2. Email lost@pickathon.com , and we can help arrange the reunion of items.

We hope for a mass reconnection.
Cheers to another great year y'all!! 2010 awaits us...



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