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     Tue. Aug 03, 2010
One last playlist for the road
By Pickathon   Welcome to Tuesday! It's down to just a couple days and wow does it feel great to be heading into the weekend. It's the reunion that we have all been waiting for, and for everyone who's returning... Welcome Back! We know there are several newbies out there as well, and thanks to you too.

There's a lot of info out there on the website that will help make your weekend that much better. Tomorrow we'll put out the big "2010 Pickathon Users Guide" which will be the definitive how-to and what-to-bring list for maximum ease and enjoyment once at Pickathon.

Advance Tickets and Parking will remain available online until Thursday at midnight, after that they will only be available at the gate - with availability subject to capacity. Make the choice today or tomorrow and guarantee you'll be there with a little bit of savings.

Two days remain, and then the early fun begins.

Who's coming?

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Coffee is important at Pickathon

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