Wed. Aug 04, 2010 Reusable, Recyclable, Compostable
By Pickathon  
Three simple words that will help bring the landfill load to a minimum, as well as helping keep unnecessary plastics out of harms way.

Reusable: We encourage everyone to bring all they can in the way of cups, mugs, plates, bowls, forks, knifes, and spoons for use throughout the weekend. There will be rinse/wash stations available and free Drinking Water is located throughout Pendarvis Farm, so please also to remember to bring your water bottles. Vendors will be supremely happy to serve you on your own plate, bowl or cup and many will offer incentive for those that make the effort. In the Pickathon Beer Gardens we will be using 16oz. Pickathon Stainless Steel Cups that are purchased once, then used throughout the weekend. More details about the cups is posted here - Saying goodbye to plastic cups and bottles

Recyclable: A primary goal of ours this year was to limit the overall use of plastics. From eliminating the plastic beer cups and bottles, to organizing vendors to use compostable and paper products. If by some way you still need to recycle something, we'll be able to process #1-6 with ease. Aluminum too. Please leave the glass at home.

Compostable: Pickathon will be the first event in Clackamas County to have full composting ability with the generous help of New Seasons Market, who will be packing out and processing all compost generated. There will be volunteers available to help out and we look forward to seeing the significant shift from landfill to compost with the amount of waste that is produced throughout the weekend.

We would like to settle into this mindset leading into this years Pickathon and encourage folks to share their ideas below. Thanks again for taking part.

Lets make it happen!

We're really two days out until the weekend begins?



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