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     Thu. Jan 13, 2011
Auto harp, three part harmonies, and the promising yet dirty future of Old Light.
By Pickathon   One of the more pleasant surprises that came our way in 2010 was the debut release of Portland band Old Light, The Dirty Future. A truly great record from start to finish from a genuinely great group of folks. Full of three-part harmonies, auto-harp, and lots of grungy, grimy guitar.

We're thrilled to have them as part of Benefest and look forward to what the future holds as they begin to make plans for a followup release, possibly in 2011.

Enjoy the above take of Disappear and make sure to consider seeing them with The Corin Tucker Band at Mississippi Studios next Friday (1/22). Tickets are HERE. They're going, going...

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Zoo Animal added, Doors pushed to 7, Benefest Kickoff is THIS weekend.
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Two weeks and counting, Benefest prepares for lift off...

Old Light - Disappear from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

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Old Light - Disappear from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

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