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     Thu. Mar 17, 2011
It's work party time out at the farm again this weekend and you're invited
By   Still, there is so much left to do...

This time around we will be continuing on with the chop 'n drop in the 'Back 40' out at the Farm, limbing up the Fir trees and cleaning up the Winter blow-down.

It is an Equinox weekend with a full moon on Friday, so it should be easy to guess that the Farm will be active late into the night. Potluck, BBQ, Swing Dancing, Open Mics, Jams, and much more can be expected (in addition to lots and lots of hard work out in the woods). Oh, and make sure to BYOB if you plan on getting thirsty! Also, anyone who wants to bring firewood (untreated/unpainted), please do as we'd love to burn it.

Work starts Saturday morning (3/19) at 9:45am when everyone meets at the Galaxy Barn prior to heading out into the woods. Please check out all of the gritty details and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page, or - simply send Mr. Elwood a note at elwood @ pickathon.com

Grab your gloves and grab a friend, it's a workin' type of weekend out at Pendarvis Farm again.

See you there!

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