Wed. Mar 23, 2011 Making improvements that matter: A quick guide to becoming 'eco-friendly'
By Pickathon  
The idea of being 'green', as they call it, is somewhat daunting to an event that hosts thousands-upon-thousands for a single weekend each year. Human impact is far reaching and goes way beyond being 'carbon neutral' in order to feel good about oneself. For many out there solutions come fairly easy with partnerships and involvement in programs that offset carbon based impacts with one easy swipe.

Not the case for Pickathon as our efforts intimately involve and influence our planning throughout the year, with the overall goal of applying year-to-year improvements. Our focus is on continuing to implement new ideas that help us grow in a sustainable way, add to the comfort and beauty of Pendarvis Farm, and limit the overall human impact.

We've done a lot over the past few years in order to make improvements that we are proud of... Which it needs to be addressed that much of this success is due to a willing crowd that accepts change and encourages us to take that next big step. Eliminating plastic bottles and cups, utilizing solar, providing alternative transportation (bus and bike), local food and drink, consumer composting AND recycling, and of course effective site planning to help develop the farm in the right ways for future years. And really... that's not even coming close to covering all of it.

Well, here comes 2011 and we want to know what's next? There are a few big ideas kicking around right now, and we'd love input on what YOU think could be good to incorporate as we head into our 13th year.

Think about it and please, let us hear it!



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