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     Wed. Mar 30, 2011
Less than 100 weekend tickets remain at the early price, make your move this week
By Pickathon   It's that last beat of the old drum for this round of tickets...we now sit at less than 100 weekend tickets remaining of this batch of early sale - Weekend Admission Tickets.

What does this mean?

Well, it's that time of year for us- just prior to another big lineup announcement (April 12), and full reveal of the final 2011 Pickathon Schedule (May ?). We are now looking at close to 50 bands total to be spread out over six stages and three wonderful full days.

Weekend Tickets are currently $130, starting April 12 - no matter what - these tickets will go to $145. The final few at $130 may last a day, two days, who knows? But we do know that once they're gone, they're gone - well, at least until April 12 when the next batch is made available alongside our final 2011 lineup announcement.

The overall capacity at Pendarvis Farm is limited and we plan on hosting only as many folks as we feel can be comfortably accommodated. There is a lot that goes into that aspect of making it the best weekend ever...

Single Day Tickets will be made available at a later date in May.

Web-Only Merch is also available, yeah! Posters from Furturtle, 2011 t-shirts, and complete sets of our glorious Pickathon Compilation CD's. We'll also have other new and cool stuff to be added over the next few months, so watch out.

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