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Tue. Aug 28, 2012 Thoughts on Music
By Pickathon  
Pickathon is first and foremost a music festival. Our yearly goal is to curate the most amazing contemporary snap shot of music one can find across a non-typical range of musical genres. We search long and wide and within our subjective choices put together a yearly lineup that tries to focus on showcasing critical substance over more financial perspectives; like what band draws the most audience. The end result is an artistic process that everyone involved is excited to repeat each year, and is likely to also leave each audience member with a different mix of new/old favorite artists (both expected and unexpected).

Early on, 'Indie Roots' was used to be a convenient way to describe what one could expect musically at Pickathon. However, with every year that passes, musical labels seem less and less appropriate as great music should simply speaks for itself.

This does not mean Pickathon is changing its musical focus.

Pickathon will always feature what's new and relevant across various traditional, roots, and indie music scenes. One can also expect a degree of boundary pushing to keep ideas fresh and vital.

Will all music at Pickathon be loved by everyone?

No, but that’s part of the point. We expect if you came to Pickathon it is easy to walk away liking music that you did not anticipate before arriving. This sense of discovery is one of many great life moments that Pickathon looks to sustainably provide for a long time to come.

Questions for you (about music)…
What did you love this year?
What surprised you?
What would you like to hear next year?
Did you catch any of the 12th night performances and what did you think?

As always, we sincerely appreciate the input.


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