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Tim LaBarge

     Fri. Mar 15, 2013
The Felice Brothers continue the sibling tradition at Pickathon
By Pickathon   Pickathon has always had a special place in our heart for awesome 'sibling bands'... Lets recap a little shall we? The Avett Brothers, The Wood Brothers, The Barr Brothers, The Sadies, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, Loch Lomond, The Earl Brothers... (forgetting anyone?)

Continuing with that tradition, we have The Felice Brothers finally making their way to Pickathon. A longtime favorite of ours, but yet another that somehow has yet to end up on the lineup (how can that be?)... Well, 2013 is s different story and we are indeed looking forward to spending both Saturday and Sunday with this band. Get yourself ready... and while we wait, enjoy this spooky as hell video for Fire at the Pageant from their 2011 release, Celebration, Florida.

Enjoy the St. Patrick's weekend.

That is all.
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