Photo: Keith Novosel
Wed. Mar 20, 2013 Rain on Wednesday, Cardboard Songsters on Saturday.
By Pickathon   For the past few years, and again in 2013, Pickathon will have the annual Saturday Morning show on The Woods Stage. Transforming the meadow into a land of brilliant props, costumes, and clever songs. Felix Hatfield and Huck Notari conduct performers and musicians both on stage and in the pit that all contribute to the spectacle that has become known as the Cardboard Songsters 'Cardboard Cartoons'.

If you're coming to Pickathon with kids (which so many of you do), this is one of the absolute best ways to start your Saturday.

...well, that and also making sure to get breakfast beforehand at the Pine State Biscuits booth, if you're into that sort of thing...

Happy Spring!
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