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Teresa Meier

     Wed. Mar 27, 2013
Sturgill Simpson will give Nashville a kick in the ass
By Pickathon   It was the year 2011 and not many people knew of the band Sunday Valley, well o.k., we did, but that's kinda our thing here at Pickathon... One step further, even fewer had heard of the man behind it all, Kentucky native Sturgill Simpson.

After the dust settled that year we heard a lot of folks wondering who the hell that band was and where the hell did they come from... For those of us that want to catch up, watch today's video from their 2011 Pumphouse Session to get an idea of why the band surprised so many.

Alright, so now step into the future a couple years and it's time for the world to find out what Sturgill Simpson has been up to. We've said it once already and we'll say it again... Sturgill Simpson is going to give Nashville country a big kick in the ass.

Today's post is a real twofer as we're getting a glimpse of their 2011 debut with the Pumphouse Session video of Let Me Know, AND we can listen to (and pre-order) his upcoming release High Top Mountain, out 6/11 on Thirty Tigers, in it's entirety at Sturgill's Bandcamp page.

Listen now, get your Pickathon Tickets (while still available), and see this honky-tonk hero while still on the rise.

That's the magic of Pickathon!
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