Wed. Jul 25, 2007 G to the O to the U to the R to the D spells Gourds Y'all!
When someone asks us what does the Gourds Music sound like? We often stare at them trying while thinking of the right words. So without further ado here is our best attempt.

The Gourds are a band that transcends while simultaneously paying homage to a variety of American music genres. They are homeless but rooted at the same time. They often surprise and seldom disappoint. There are not likely to be adopted by many genre specific musical festivals as they slip through the cracks and have never fit neatly into any factional musical taste.

Why did we try so hard to bring them to Pickathon 2007?

It is because we flat out love these guys, and hopefully you will too.

Oh yea!

In case you couldn’t figure it out the Friday Night Barn Band entitled Shinyribs is a close cousin of the Gourds featuring the song writing of Kevin Russell. They too will not disappoint.

Check out a couple videos below taken by Kevin of the Gourds (no music just kookiness).




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