Photo: Leah Nash
Wed. Nov 18, 2015 My Pickathon Episode Three - "Pint Cups"
By Pickathon   In this latest My Pickathon episode, a festival friend tells us about how he has collected Klean Kanteen cups throughout the past few Pickathons ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Alicia J. Rose
Wed. Nov 18, 2015 Woods Series Episode Two - JD McPherson
By Pickathon   Check out some classic rock 'n roll by JD McPherson in the latest Woods Series episode! JD played the fest back in 2013 but came back to Pickathon this year to lead the party in the Woods ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Mon. Nov 16, 2015 Spoken Episode Two
By Pickathon   "We will tend these waters together. We will dig wells for our neighbors. Cousin, we will pool through." Trevino's poetry from the latest episode of our Spoken Series resonates well with how we should come together after great tragedies of the world ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Miri Stebivka
Thu. Nov 12, 2015 On the Farm Series Episode Two
By Pickathon   In this month's episode of the On the Farm Series, William Tyler gently plucks a beautiful tune while he sits in the brush at Pickathon ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Kristina Moravec and KEXP
Wed. Nov 11, 2015 My Pickathon "Texas Trailer"
By Pickaton   In this newest episode of My Pickathon, a festival friend tells us the history behind his 60 year-old trailer and how he camps at Pickathon in vintage, Texas style ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Drew Bandy
Tue. Nov 10, 2015 Galaxy Barn Series Episode Two
By Pickathon   Meatbodies is everything hyper, loud, and glittery. Watch them shred at Pickathon in this latest episode of the Galaxy Barn Series ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Nehemiah Sliwoski
Mon. Nov 09, 2015 Slab Session Episode Two
By Pickathon   Watch Cory of Wand perform in an overgrown pocket of Pickathon in the latest episode of the Slab Session Series by  READ MORE  

Photo: Briana Cerezo
Fri. Nov 06, 2015 Pumphouse Series Episode Two
By Pickathon   This past Pickathon, the Pumphouse got a makeover with wooden panels and bell jar lights. We made it into a cozier hideout so that artists like Little Freddie King could play some extra sets backstage ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Wed. Nov 04, 2015 My Pickathon Episode One
By Pickathon   The diary of a Pickathon kid entails gator antics. Check out the first episode My Pickathon, a series of non sequitur shorts about all the folks who come together before and during the festival ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Kristina Moravec and KEXP
Tue. Nov 03, 2015 Mountain Series Episode Two
By Pickathon   Vetiver is a longtime alumni of Pickathon. After playing the festival in 2009 and 2011, Andy Cabic and his friends came back this year to play two sets ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Brud Giles
Thu. Oct 29, 2015 Fall 2015 Season Premiere
By Pickathon   Today, we are kicking off our fall season with the premiere of brand new episodes across TWELVE UNIQUE PICKATHON CHANNELS

We'll have four new episodes every week through February 2016 so you can relive performances from the festival ...

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Thu. Oct 08, 2015 Pickathon 2015 Survey
By Pickathon   We want your feedback in order to help us make 2016 the best year yet! Fill out this quick survey and tell us all about your Pickathon 2015 experience ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Wed. Oct 07, 2015 Pickathon 2016 Dates Are Here!
By Pickathon   Mark your calendars as today we're pleased to officially announce that we will be seeing y'all back at Pendarvis Farm next summer for our 18th annual festival on August 5-7th, 2016!

Expect to hear more news closer to the beginning of the new year as we will be selling tickets much earlier than we did in 2015 ...

Photo: Dylan VanWeelden
Tue. Sep 01, 2015 2015 Waste Summary
By Pickathon   Thanks to the help of volunteers and everyone who attended Pickathon, we've recycled and composted like no other festival. From using  READ MORE  

Photo: Brud Giles
Tue. Aug 25, 2015 Stage Manager Thank You's
By Pickathon   At Pickathon, we have a small team who makes sure that artists and farm friends have the times of their lives. This is why we're thanking our stage managers who worked all weekend long ...  READ MORE  

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My Pickathon Episode Three - "Pint Cups"

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Woods Series Episode Two - JD McPherson

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Spoken Episode Two

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