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Wed. Apr 11, 2012 A Pickathon Tradition: Bringing Real Cajun Heat To The Late-Night Galaxy Barn
By Pickathon   Well, sitting here at the end of another day and just had the thought of Lost Bayou Ramblers with Gordon Gano (of the Violent Femmes) in the Galaxy Barn ...  READ MORE  

Tue. Apr 10, 2012 Single Day Tickets, Not Available Until July
By Pickathon   Let's talk about Single Day Tickets:

You've wondered how to make it to Pickathon for just one day and can't find Single Day Tickets on the  READ MORE  

Fri. Apr 06, 2012 Robin Egg Blue
By Pickathon   Yes, the first Weekend in April... lets enjoy it.

Coming up soon we have our next round of lineup additions...


Wed. Apr 04, 2012 Server Upgrades and Technical Issues Resolved - Tickets Now Back Online
By Pickathon   Some have noticed between yesterday and today that there have been a few errors on the Pickathon Website - most of which have resulted in a defunct ticket checkout ...  READ MORE  

Thu. Mar 29, 2012 Spring Break, Ticket Update, Campsite News, and Bowerbirds Amazing New Record
By Pickathon   Spring Break!

It's the earliest taste of the Summertime schedule, a precursor to the madness that's headed our way ...

Tue. Mar 20, 2012 2012 Pickathon Work Party #2 this weekend (March 24) at Pendarvis Farm
By Pickathon   Happy Spring!

This Saturday 3/24, we will be having another work party out at Pendarvis Farm. Great progress was made at the first work party back in February and we had a blast doing it ...

Wed. Mar 07, 2012 Ticket availability updates and Pickathon news that is fit to print
By Pickathon   Yesterday was big and the ground is still shaking here at the 'ol Pickathon HQ. Thanks to everyone that have picked up their tickets and sent positive feedback ...  READ MORE  

Tue. Mar 06, 2012 Early Round of Weekend Tickets, RV Parking, and all Car Camping Passes Sold Out!
By Pickathon   It has been a day of all days here at Pickathon and all we can say at the moment it WOW. Tickets have moved faster than ever and as of 11am PST we are 100% sold out of the following Tickets and Parking Passes:

*Early Weekend Tickets at $175 price (don't worry there are more Weekend Tickets that are now available at the new price) ...

Tue. Mar 06, 2012 2012 Lineup, New Website, and Tickets!
By Pickathon   It's here!

Take a look around the new homefront and let us know what you think. As this is a new site we'll be working out any bugs over the coming week ...

Tue. Feb 28, 2012 Ideas Around Improving Car Camping
By Pickathon   The feedback from last year made it clear to us that car camping patrons had experienced issues related to finding places to camp even though no additional car camping passes were allocated vs ...  READ MORE  

Fri. Feb 24, 2012 2012 Lineup Announcement + Ticket On-Sale coming March 6
By Pickathon   Here comes 2012...

First of all, we are super excited to begin getting things fired up for 2012 Pickathon!! Summer seems forever ago and our time to kick things over for the new year is near ...

Fri. Feb 10, 2012 2012 Pickathon Work Party #1 this weekend (February 11) at Pendarvis Farm
By Pickathon   The time has come for the first Pickathon / Pendarvis Farm Work Party of 2012!

This Saturday, Feb. 11th we will be out in the woods doing some trail maintenance from the Woods Stage up the Broken Shovel Trail and working on making some nice level camp spots along the way ...

Tue. Feb 07, 2012 2011 Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions: Califone - Michigan Girls
By Pickathon   February.

New Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions!

Califone - Michigan Girls

From the 2003 release  READ MORE  

Tue. Jan 31, 2012 2011 Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions: The Wilders - L.A.
By Pickathon   Another week of winter and also one week closer to the biggest Pickathon announcement to date...

Tuesdays at The Pickathon Pumphouse, The Wilders - L ...

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