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Tue. Aug 02, 2011 Meet Before You Eat: Pickathon Primer on Dishes and Utensils
By Pickathon   It is down to a matter of a few short days, just a couple more nights, a few random things left to pack. The nights where bedtime stories become Pickathon stories ...  READ MORE  

Mon. Aug 01, 2011 Pickathon to stream performances in HD video on KEXP all weekend
By Pickathon   Not able to make it to all of this years Pickathon? Bummed to only be attending for a single day? Live halfway across the world and can't even think about making it to Oregon this weekend? Fret no more friends, we're bringing the festival to you ...  READ MORE  

Mon. Aug 01, 2011 Less than Four days remain for Advance Tickets and just look at the weather!
By Pickathon   Imagine this - within a few short days we'll all be out at the farm living that sweet Pickathon life.

This is to alert the final countdown for Advance Tickets - which will only be available until Thrusday at Noon ...

Sun. Jul 31, 2011 Pickathonography Vol. 1
By Pickathon   Let us tell you how sweet this is...

Photographer Tim LaBarge and designer Patrick Barber collaborated to create this keepsake book that captures the essence of Pickathon ...

Fri. Jul 29, 2011 Alela Diane and Water Tower Bucket Boys added to the 2011 Pickathon Lineup
By Pickathon   Let the headlines be heard..

Pickathon has added two great Portland groups to help complete the 2011 lineup (strange right?) -  READ MORE  

Thu. Jul 28, 2011 The big build is underway, do you have your tickets yet?
By Pickathon   The annual Pickathon site build is underway and steady rolling...

Do you have your tickets yet?

Get 'em asap if still on the fence ...

Wed. Jul 27, 2011 Pickathon Ditches Single Use Dishes
By Pickathon   The above info-graphic says it all...

Eliminating the use of all Single Use Dishes and Utensils at the 2011 Pickathon ...

Mon. Jul 25, 2011 Behold the 2011 Pickathon Menu
By Pickathon   Simply put... Pickathon offers the best food & beverage menu available at any music festival in the U.S.

Beer you say? Why yes, flowing through three gardens from Portland's finest -  READ MORE  

Fri. Jul 22, 2011 Camping at Pickathon? Check out the new 2011 Site Map!
By Pickathon   So here is what you need to know...

In 2011 there are 20 new acres of camping at Pendarvis Farm opened up along with over one mile of new trails (which or course are light at night with LED's) ...

Wed. Jul 20, 2011 Reflect Yourself!
By Pickathon   Hey, hey, hey, hey...

The Klean Kanteen / Pickathon Reflect bottles are here and boy-oh-boy are they beautiful ...

Thu. Jul 14, 2011 The 2011 Pickathon Schedule
By Pickathon   It is here! The complete 2011 Pickathon Schedule, click away and find out what is says:


Tue. Jul 12, 2011 Single Day Tickets Now Available
By Pickathon   They're here! Single Day Tickets are now available over at the  READ MORE  

Wed. Jul 06, 2011 Volunteers Needed For 2011 Pickathon
By Pickathon   Although we've already accepted a vast majority of the needed volunteers for 2011... there is still indeed more that will be needed ...  READ MORE  

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