Photo: Christopher Onstott
Wed. Jun 19, 2013 We strongly encourage bringing the kids to Pickathon
By Pickathon   One of the aspects that people feel is unique to Pickathon is how accessible the festival can be for families ... READ MORE

Photo: Leah Nash
Tue. Jun 18, 2013 Less than 45 days until Pickathon 2013... Have you made your plans?
By Pickathon   It has been nearly a full year and once again we've found ourselves with less than 45 days to go until the official start of this years Pickathon ... READ MORE

Photo: Liz Devine
Fri. Jun 14, 2013 Being Sustainable At Pickathon 2013
By Pickathon   Let's first talk about waste shall we?

Fact: The average weekend festival-goer at Pickathon 2013 will generate less than 1 ...

Tue. Jun 11, 2013 Stage Schedule for Friday August 2
By Pickathon   Ah yes, get the highlighters ready as it's schedule making time! Here is the first of three daily stage schedules that we're posting today ... READ MORE

Tue. Jun 11, 2013 Stage Schedule for Saturday August 3
By Pickathon   Day two of the best weekend of the year!

Saturday highlights ...

Tue. Jun 11, 2013 Stage Schedule for Sunday August 4
By Pickathon   And finally, day three of our 72 hour Pickathon adventure...

Where to begin? Well, for starters, the Workshop Barn kicks off another day bright and early, then welcomes folks like Howe Gelb, The Cactus Blossoms, and Tift Merritt ...

Photo: Christopher Onstott
Fri. Jun 07, 2013 Kurt Vile gets to be king for a day
By Pickathon   Although this week went by oddly quick, we did happen to pick up on the fact that this has been a good week for READ MORE

Photo: Ben Mund
Wed. Jun 05, 2013 Free Drinking Water
By Pickathon   That's right, you won't find any (plastic) bottled water at this years Pickathon ... READ MORE

Photo: Miri Stebivka
Fri. May 24, 2013 Enjoy a new Pickathon playlist during this long-long weekend
By Pickathon   It's the annual Memorial Day Weekend hustle and from the looks of it - the weather will be nice here in the Northwest!

To help with the quieter parts of the weekend, here's another star-studded mini-playlist from the Pickathon content department ...

Photo: Anthony Pidgeon
Wed. May 22, 2013 Bombino returns to Portland this weekend.
By Pickathon   "Wow, Pickathon. That was a really crazy experience for us. Playing in the middle of the woods! That is not a normal thing for any musician, but especially a Tuareg musician ... READ MORE

Photo: Liz Devine
Tue. May 21, 2013 New this week - Yellowbirds, Lightning Dust and Pure Bathing Culture
By Pickathon   It's a new week and yet another that is full of reminders that Pickathon is heading our way ... READ MORE

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Wed. May 15, 2013 Thinking about biking out to Pickathon?
By Pickathon   Since it's officially Bike to Work week, we figured a good time to start the conversation for those that have interest in biking to Pickathon ... READ MORE

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