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&ldquo;Tim Presley is a member of the bands Darker My Love and the Strange Boys, which do variations of dirtied-up psychedelic pop. White Fence is his third band and much more idiosyncratic. It&rsquo;s just Mr. Presley making songs as complicated as he wants, with his multitracked asthmatic voice and his gift for weird, wayward song hooks. On <em>White Fence</em>, just released on CD by Woodsist, drum rhythms stumble and recohere; chord changes are half-forgotten or blown altogether. Audio quality changes from track to track or even in the middle of a song, and so does the music&rsquo;s speed. The album sounds as if it were mastered on a cassette machine with failing batteries. This whole enterprise is way, way moth eaten: the Syd Barrett/1960s Los Angeles garage-punk influences, the dirty-on-purpose sound quality, the overmodulated guitar leads.

By a certain logic it should be a stone loser. But so much in music comes down to conviction. There&rsquo;s something ritual about these songs, as if Mr. Presley had been carrying them in his head, with all their details, for a long time. Listen even once, and they&rsquo;re hard to shake. All of Mr. Presley&rsquo;s strange touches start to seem significant and obsessively desired: a short background sigh, a few seconds of harmonica or xylophone, a new strain plopped into the middle of a song that leads nowhere, a guitar solo that&rsquo;s longer than it needs to be. It&rsquo;s mannered and indirect music, but he&rsquo;s a poet of that.&rdquo;

<em>- BEN RATLIFF, The New York Times</em>


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